Hi there! I am Lefteris and I always say that I started this podcast because I have no shame and I will ask as many questions as I need in order to understand the whole story.

My goal is to create documentary-style stories on all things science, academia, and education. No topic is too small or too difficult! Things just need more time before you understand them.

I also enjoy music and while I have no talent for performing it, I do listen to it a lot and I am part of a website called Progrocks.gr where I write reviews and articles with a bunch of like-minded friends. I also love performing Improv and I regularly do shows with The Company Players, one of the house teams of The Improv Company in Singapore. I also take part in a separate podcast run by Monoscene Studios. The podcast is called Low Culture a podcast that celebrates all things popular culture.

I also have other projects in the pipeline. Take a look at the “Other Projects” section of the website to see more.